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What You Should Know About Using Natural Fertilizer In A Commercial Application

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Many businesses are attempting to move toward more environmentally friendly initiatives. For some, this includes using more natural landscaping options. One of the more important parts of natural landscaping is fertilizer. Commercial fertilizer contains chemicals that are becoming more controversial. For this reason, natural fertilizer options are more widely available for commercial use. However, there are some drawbacks to using natural fertilizer. The following are some important things you should know about natural fertilizer.

What Is Natural Fertilizer?

Natural and organic fertilizers are made from plant and animal waste. It can either be a mix that is actually created on-site or a combination of other processed products with a primary base of compost. Either option is considered natural and includes fewer chemicals than synthetic fertilizer.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Fertilizer?

There are many benefits of using natural fertilizer in a commercial application. Most importantly, natural fertilizer has more organic material in its composition, which is ideal for improved soil structure. Natural fertilizer also allows the soil to hold nutrients and water more effectively.

Natural fertilizer also is a better environment for the growth and distribution of microbes. This is due to the presence of carbon in natural fertilizer. Synthetic fertilizers do not contain carbon. Carbon is necessary to help the important microbes in the soil develop and remain healthy. Natural fertilizer uses carbon to make nutrients available for the soil and plants. This is as close as you can get to creating a growing environment similar to that in the wild.

Additionally, natural fertilizers do not have as high a likelihood of running off like their synthetic counterparts. When synthetic fertilizers are in runoff, they can get into the water sources nearby and cause harm to animals and marine life.

What Do You Need to Keep in Mind When Using Natural Fertilizer?

When it comes to using natural fertilizer in a commercial application, you have to be sure you advertise your services as such. Be sure to be upfront with the type of products you use.

In addition, you need to ensure consistency with your natural fertilizer option. If you use a commercially produced natural fertilizer, you should know how well it works before you use it for a client.

If you produce your own natural fertilizer onsite, you need to ensure you create it with as much consistency as possible. You need to use the same components across the board to ensure it works the same for each application.

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